Uno Kim
by Uno Kim



Yesterday, it was around 7 and half pm after the meeting with With Innovation. I wanted to have a late supper, so I decided to wander around for a moment. It didn’t take long until I found one restaurant, which actually got my attention. The “home food”. hmm! That sounds interesting and healthy.

In front of the door I just took a short look at the menu stand. Strangely there wasn’t so much, and there wasn’t so many guests in the place. What’s the lose? I got in.

And.. It was quite satisfactory.

The main entrance

This was my choice.

The meal - A bowl of rice topped with walleye pollock roe, avocado, onion and vegetables

Beautiful food… I pretty much enjoyed it. Not salty, not colorful, not much, yet fresh, simple and tasty. It’d be glad to visit here once again.

Location & Contact Information

소울 팟 (Soul Pot)

116, Samseong-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
Mon ~ Sat, 11:30 ~ 8:30 (Breaktime - 2:30 ~ 5:30)

p.s: You search walleye pollock roe in Korean internet dictionary, you may get “salted spawn of walley pollack”.